A Simplified Guide For Selecting A Corporate Photographer!

Branding is all about image. The perception of end customers, suppliers, business partners does matter, and it is necessary that you use necessary branding and marketing materials for diverse needs, including pictures. The term ‘corporate photography’ may seem like a millennial word, but it is more in demand than ever before. Businesses are concerned about their image, and they want to ensure that only the pictures are used for websites, marketing materials, LinkedIn profiles and other needs.

If you are looking for business portraits near me and want to hire the right corporate photographer for your requirements, here are some quick things you need to know.

Evaluate your needs

Did you know that taking business portraits is a different process than shooting headshots? Yes, there are varied branches and specific needs of corporate photography, which you must consider before calling up a few services. At times, you may need a corporate photographer simply because an event must be covered. If you know the requirements, discussing services gets easier.

Review work profiles

Any corporate photographer can claim great things about the work they do, but make sure that you check their work and what they have done for other clients. For example, business portraits must be shot with experimental backgrounds and attention to lighting, whereas headshots are more professional in nature but don’t require as much work. Ask for samples, check the work of the concerned service before you take the call.

Know the costs in advance

Pricing of corporate photography depends on the work, volume and other aspects. Events are usually charged by the hour, while for portraits and headshots, most professional companies would charge a fixed price person. Expect to pay around $100 for headshots and a tad more for portraits. It is also a good idea to have a clear contract in advance and ensure that all the costs, including post production work is covered in that quote.

Final word

If you are new to corporate photography, you should definitely check their work, ask for references, just to get a fair idea of what their experience is all about. It is never a bad idea to pay more for a slightly better service, because at the end of the day, they can help you rethink the way people see your company. With professional photos, your business and top talents working for it would get the exposure they need.

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