Tips for Photographing Christmas Cards

Taking Advantage of Photo Christmas Cards to Drive Business

Autumn is here, and Thanksgiving follows just around the corner. For professional photographers, this season signals a boost in business with tons of families celebrating the approaching holidays by sending their annual photo Christmas cards. Once upon a time, mom would enclose a snapshot of Johnny on Santa’s lap along with a handwritten letter to a short list of a few friends and family members. But nowadays, the number of recipients on mom’s list has grown into the hundreds and everyone exchanges photo Christmas cards. It’s become a competition among holiday photos for the cutest and most creative. Thus, it’s essential that your work as a photographer stands out.

There is likely no other time of year when your photography work has the potential to enter so many people’s homes. However, if the photos you take of families aren’t memorable, you won’t likely see their repeat business. Further, you’ll be missing out on all those potential customers who get just another boring photo Christmas card in their mailbox. Don’t worry though, we’re here with a few tips to make sure you get holiday shots that stand out from the rest.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Use Props

In kids-only photos, props can help fill extra space and help tell a story. Too many props can distract from your subject though, so be careful. Choose holiday-themed items that children will happily interact with: like a favorite wagon or tricycle decorated with a wreath.

  • Select an Outdoor Setting

When choosing shoot locations, get to know the family you’re working with. Almost everyone enjoys some type of outdoor activity. Whether a family enjoys going fishing, riding bikes, outdoor sports, drawing with chalk or just playing in the park—all these locations can become the perfect setting to capture the natural personality of your subjects. The last thing you want showing up on someone’s photo Christmas card is a terrible photo you took of them looking stiff and posed. Choose a location where everyone can play and relax so their photo Christmas cards will be one-of-a-kind.

  • Recommend Mixbook

Don’t leave your clients’ photo Christmas cards to chance. Mixbook is a great site you can recommend to families to help them design and send a sharp, memorable season’s greetings. The website is simple to navigate and offers fully customizable templates starting at an affordable $1.29. Attractive fonts integrate with festive holiday themes that will keep your photography front and center. You can also feel confident recommending Mixbook for your clients’ photo Christmas cards, because their customer service is on-point. An extensive searchable help page answers general queries, but there are also customer service personnel on-hand to chat one-on-one. Check out Mixbook’s photo Christmas cards yourself and start brainstorming your holiday photo sessions.

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