Tips to Prepare for Your Newborn Photography Session

 Newborn photography is pretty challenging. Heather Michelle, a professional newborn photographer, wrote in her blog that successful sessions don’t go as you planned them to be. Accidents happen, babies wake up during the photo shoot and pee, and your patience can fall short in the process. But, as a photographer, you want to leave your clients a good impression and capture pitch-perfect moments. How are you going to pull it off?

The key is preparation, but how do you do this? That is not a problem. In this article, you will learn the important tips that will help you prepare and change your newborn photography session forever so read on!

  • Communicate with your client

“Communicating with the baby’s parents should be on top of your priorities,” Austin newborn photographer says. You need to understand the parents’ goals right from the heart of their inquiry. 85% of them already have clear results in their minds but do not know the proper approach for that goal. Your mission as the photographer then is to unite their goals to yours and meet their expectations.

Inform them of your detailed approach to the session such as the environment where the session would take place, theme, and style. Before the session, send them a reminder about what they can contribute to making the experience as best as possible.

Furthermore, Courtney Slazinik wrote that you need to have a solid contract with your client. This will serve as the legal agreement where you secure your payment and prove your credibility. Don’t have a business contract yet? Austin newborn photographer suggests where you can download business templates for free.

  • Provide the baby ultimate comfort

Experts say that 90% of your success depends on the baby’s comfort.  The photo shoot works best if the baby is in a deep sleep and well-fed. In fact, Ashley and David Photography suggests exhausting the baby before the session.

However, your goal should also include finding the right bean bag and blankets where the baby will still feel comfortable and warm.  This will also benefit you in transitioning and layering the baby’s legs, arms, and face. In order to achieve this, find a beanbag with a wide, flat work area which lends itself, a thick-textured blanket. In addition, inform the parents to feed the baby well before the session to prevent the baby from crying.

  • Do the photography in a quiet environment

If you wish to have a smooth photography session, you need to keep the noise to a minimum level. Therefore, inform the audience to lessen their conversations and movements to prevent the baby from having tantrums.

  • Prepare your alternatives

When the baby cries, a very loud “SHHH” works, as what Courtney Slazinik suggested in her blog.  You must also prepare a pacifier. However, when the baby is impossible to calm anymore, call the mother or father to cuddle with the baby. Inform them to check the diaper or feed their child.

If that doesn’t work, have a break. It is fine to relax and wait for the baby to be completely comfortable. However, don’t completely wander away. Watch the baby and prepare your camera. Sometimes, the best photos come from the baby’s natural expression and movements.

  • Have confidence and never stop learning

During the session, give your best shot in both photography and Photoshop editing. Trust your style and concepts. You have the ability.

Afterward, move on. Continue to watch videos, enroll in photography classes, and listen to your mentors. Allow yourself to gain that experience. With that, you will master more techniques and be a well-known photographer.

Follow these important tips and your newborn photography session will find a fresh approach. You will gain confidence and attract more clients in the future.

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